Information about Selling Your Jewellery

Thank you for choosing WhitLauter by Leann Parker as your jewellery buyer.

WhitLauter by Leann Parker is actively seeking fine & estate jewellery, whether it is an entire estate or a single significant piece. We are ready to assist you whether you are buying or selling and regardless of where you might live.

We purchase an abundant array of items including:

  • Fine jewellery, estate, signature, and antique pieces
  • Diamonds, all sizes and shapes
  • Fine time pieces
  • Gemstones of fine quality such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, etc

WhitLauter by Leann Parker offers the highest credentials, knowledge and longevity; and we offer confidentiality and caring personal service. We guarantee a satisfying and effective jewellery selling experience. At WhitLauter’s you can always expect to be treated fairly, discretely and with thoughtfulness. Our aim is to build a relationship of mutual trust with our clients whether we are buying or selling fine antique and estate jewellery.

Jewellery Form Instructions:

In evaluating antique and estate jewellery items, all features are taken into account including type of precious mounting material, age, nature and quality of precious stones, and the overall condition of the piece.

The following form will help give us an initial idea of your jewellery’s value and if WhitLauter will be a good fit to be the buyer. Please be as accurate and thorough as possible. We require at least one photo of the piece but the more that can be provided to us, the better our estimation will be.

Please keep in mind that this is just an initial review of the piece and in order to get a more accurate estimation of the value we will have to see the item in person.

Tips for taking good photos:

  1. Use a white or light-colored background. A white sheet or table cloth works well.
  2. Use natural light and try to keep deep shadows from hiding details.
  3. Have the jewellery as close to the camera as possible to fill the entire photo.
  4. Use high resolution, JPEG images.
  5. Make sure the piece is in focus, trying to show as much detail as possible.

Preliminary Jewellery Form:

Your Name (required)

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Type of Jewellery

Age of Jewellery

Jewellery Material

Is this a Signature Piece?

If this is a Signature Piece, what is the name of the Designer?

What is the overall condition of the Jewellery?

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